After Party Cleanup Time

After Party Cleanup Time

After Party cleanup time

Dynamic has been released. It brings improvements to sync, resource usage and stability. Most of all this update is about cleaning up after a party, all party goers pick up your broom and lend your service.



  • [Sync] Fix issue with headers first sync
  • [Sync] [Consensus] Shift Fork Logic to its own file
  • [Qt] Add CheckForks in the Qt Project File
  • [Fork] Silence usage of pindex compeletely
  • [Sync]Timeouts/DB/Headers/Limits
  • Reduce nDefaultDbCache to 512MiB
  • Bump Proto and ONLY connect to (Proto 70200)
  • Bump Governance/Core Proto/Versions


The bootstrap.dat has been completely cleaned of orphans and reduces the blockchain size from over 200MB to under 128MB. Once you have imported the bootstrap.dat it means that your Dynamic wallet is now a clean source for new connections to the network to sync from.

We want all users to do this to clean the chain and increase sync time across the network, please do this A.S.A.P.




1. To use the bootstrap first close your Dynamic wallet and navigate to your Dynamic data directory and BACKUP THE DATA DIRECTORY SOMEWHERE SAFE:

Windows: c:\users\\appdata\roaming\Dynamic\

Linux: ~/.dynamic

OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/Dynamic/

2. Delete all data apart from your wallet.dat, conf files and backup folder.

3. Download the bootstrap.dat to the Dynamic data directory:


• Download the bootstrap –

• Unzip and place contents in c:\users\\appdata\roaming\Dynamic\


• Open terminal and type “cd ~/.dynamic && wget && tar -xvf bootstrap-latest.tar.gz” and hit enter.


• Open terminal, type “cd ~/Library/Application Support/Dynamic/ && wget && tar -xvf bootstrap-latest.tar.gz” and hit enter

4. Start Dynamic and import from bootstrap.dat:

4a. Qt users just need to start the wallet.

4b. Daemon users need to use the “-loadblock=” argument when starting Dynamic, for example:






-loadblock=~/Library/Application Support/Dynamic/bootstrap.dat

5. Grab a coffee, tea or other preference of beverage and relax.

(The bootstrap.dat is updated at 12AM & 12PM via a CRON (script). This means that its always has the latest blocks and is by far the fastest way to sync a wallet

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