Blockchain as a Service

Permissionless Services for a Global Market

Duality facilitates the development and deployment of BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) solutions on a publicly distributed ledger or Blockchain.

By distributing the workload of services to investors, Duality effectively distributes its attributed costs. As a result, clients and/or third party developers have the opportunity to make use of a permissionless network of nodes through a scalable blockchain platform customized for all data needs.

Blockchain technology can be utilised in a myriad of ways to offer services to society. Duality Blockchain Solutions challenges itself to provide the best BaaS to existing and/or emerging markets.


A global patient identifier is dangerous. A GPI, if compromised, could provide access to Protected Health Information. HarmonIQ Health Systems believes that a better approach is to create a hashed patient resource, which contains patient demographic and biometric data, and which in its entirety acts as the means for patient identification. The methodology to achieve this goal uses current blockchain and public ledger technology to manage participants, encryption and hashing to protect communication and patient data, HL7 FHIR protocols for interoperability, and hardware such as smartphones to gather and validate biometric data. This is the NoID protocol.

NoID Enrollment Video

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Duality helps businesses become more secure, efficient, and profitable by providing enterprise blockchain solutions; e.g. connecting data objects to insertable fields like biometric data. Our scalable ecosystem lowers the overhead and complexity of data management while increasing data security, efficiency, and interoperability.

BEYOND Patient Identification (NoID)

While the aim of NoID is to connect biometrics data to patient records, this particular BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) solution can be applied to many use cases. The general idea is that unique data sets can be registered to referred objects on the blockchain. These referred objects are not limited to the digital space and unique data sets can be defined in the most general of terms.


Prescription based pharmaceuticals could be assigned and authorized based on patient records. Packaging material can be provided with a corresponding key so that the chain of delivery is accommodated by the NoID technology up until the patient receives his care.


Any document of value can have a digital representation on the blockchain allowing the exchange of ownership through the digital space. NoID allows for accurate representation of the private person to enact purchase of equity.


Know your customer (“KYC”) policies will allow businesses to easily restrict access if NoID is used for customer/client access. Venues or fields where policy-adherence is required will gain greater control over their domain.


With a stable, transferable token of value, Duality is able to offer other blockchain projects a digital form of money. Current blockchain endeavors have found it difficult to accurately associate costs to services. Blockchain interoperability and using Dynamic (DYN) as a medium of exchange can remedy price fluctuations for services.


By using the duality platform, in partnership with your organization, we can develop unique and scalable blockchain solutions to help your business become more secure, efficient, and profitable.
Duality Blockchain Solutions helps our partners by eliminating expenses related to complex data verification and organization.
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