What is BDAP?

BDAP (Blockchain Directory Access Protocol) is the protocol behind blockchain applications and the services provided by Duality.

BDAP gives programmable access control and direct communication with users on the network, adding a layer of resource hierarchy and providing a distributed database with account linking, making it possible to develop core information systems using the blockchain technology of Dynamic.

BDAP is comparable to Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (“LDAP”), providing a distributed database and account linking to the Dynamic Blockchain. This makes it possible to develop core information systems from a hybrid public-private blockchain. The hybrid design allows both anonymous and identified (permissionless and permissioned) nodes to connect and share data privately and securely without a third-party intermediary.

This design allows user controlled nodes to securely connect, privately share data without a third-party intermediary, and to scale the database up indefinitely. To learn more about the technical specifications, please refer to our BDAP whitepaper

How does BDAP impact industries?

BDAP enables the creation of applications across the spectrum of industry, drastically reducing the costs involved with core information systems. Removing the requirement for the majority of administration roles and the need for trusted third parties. Rendering current centralized database systems such as LDAP a thing of the past.

BDAP will facilitate the creation of applications Duality provides, such as NoID, pConsult, pShare allows third-party developers to build further groundbreaking blockchain-based applications for varied purpose, offering services such as VoIP, video streaming, advice forums and new methods to further lower business costs.



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