What is Dynamic?

Dynamic enables fast, secure, verifiable transfers of data using blockchain technology. Enabling third-party developers to build low-cost solutions across varied industry using the BDAP protocol.

Dynamic can be used to run incentivized Dynodes; the second tier of nodes on the network; processing, verifying, validating and storing data.


Select the version of Dynamic based on your CPU and OS type.

List of AVX supported CPU's

Intel AVX2

  • Haswell processor, Q2 2013
  • Haswell E processor, Q3 2014
  • Broadwell processor, Q4 2014
  • Broadwell E processor, Q3 2016
  • Skylake processor, Q3 2015
  • Kaby Lake processor, Q3 2016(ULV mobile)/Q1 2017(desktop/mobile)
  • Coffee Lake processor, Q4 2018


  • Carrizo processor, Q2 2015
  • Ryzen processor, Q1 2017

Intel AVX512

  • Xeon Phi x200/Knights Landing processor, 2016
  • Knights Mill processor, 2017
  • Skylake-SP processor, 2017
  • Skylake-X processor, 2017
  • Cannonlake processor, expected in 2019
  • Ice Lake processor, expected in 2019

*CPU's supporting AVX512 also support AVX2



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