Dynamic Official Release

Dynamic Official Release

Dynamic Official Release.

Duality Blockchain Solutions(DBS) features two public blockchains, of which one will act as a currency, while the other an asset. The difference is in the way their respective market capitalisation expands and contracts; an asset assumes a stable supply with price fluctuations in accordance to demand, whereas a currency varies in supply with respect to demand but keeping a more or less stable price point.

The two blockchains Dynamic(DYN) and Sequence(SEQ) will be used by DBS as a means to provide Blockchain as a Service(BaaS) to the market. The future offers many opportunities to which DBS can fulfill a specific role.

Dynamic is largely based upon Dash 12.1, but how does it differ?
It is true that we share a similar code base to Dash 12.1, however what we offer is quite different. DBS aims to bring services to the market by making use of blockchain technology, to all intents and purposes you could say that the Dynamic currency DYN is a byproduct of this.

We value the philosophy that a currency needs a certain amount of stability in order to be successful for user adoption. The recent price volatility in Dash makes quite a few newcomers uncertain about their investment, if you are lucky to have invested early on however, you can enjoy greater purchasing power.Stabil

At DBS we opt for a way so separate market capitalisation over coin supply through dynamic and coin price through sequence. And as a whole we will push services like NoID to maintain value for both. Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), will be the underlying engine of our asset/currency solution, an enterprise backed system if you will.

What are the main application areas and directions of Duality in the future?
We start out with the NoID application for hospitals and the medical world in general. We will consider expanding into other market segments like governmental documentation or registered mail. Blockchain technology is still very new, there are a lot of areas left to explore.

What are the main technical features of Dynamic?
The Dynamic(DYN) blockchain exists in the Duality binary architecture as a DAO, whilst Sequence(SEQ) is its real world interface. Dynamic uses peer-to-peer technology to operate securely with no central authority (decentralisation): managing transactions and issuing currency (DYN) are carried out collectively by the Dynamic network. Dynamic is the name of open source software which enables the use of the currency DYN.

  • Dynamic utilises Dynodes, Privatesend and InstantSend to provide anonymous and near instant transaction confirmations.
  • Dynamic implements Gavin Andresens signature cache optimisation from Bitcoin for significantly faster transaction validation.

Dynode/Privatesend Network Information Ported Masternodes from Dash, rebranded as Dynodes. Darksend ported and rebranded as Privatesend. Utilisation of InstantSend for near-instant transactions.

Dynamic Specifications

  • Coin Suffix: DYN
  • PoW Algorithm: Argon2d
  • PoW Period: Unlimited
  • PoW Target Spacing: 128 Seconds
  • PoW Reward per Block: 1 DYN
  • PoW Reward Start Height: Block 20,546
  • Maturity: 10 Blocks
  • PoW Blocks: ~675 per day
  • Dynode Collateral Amount: 1000 DYN
  • Dynode Min Confirmation: 10 Blocks
  • Dynode Reward: 0.382 DYN Static Reward (38.2% of a PoW reward)
  • Dynode Reward Start Height: Block 20,546
  • Budget Reward: 10,000 DYN Static Reward Every 20,545 blocks (~30 days)
  • Budget Proposal Fee: 100 DYN, 20 confirmations (~30 minutes)
  • Total Coins: 263 – 1
  • Min TX Fee: 0.0001 DYN


Sequence Specifications

  • Coin Suffix: SEQ
  • PoW Algorithm: Scrypt
  • PoW Period: 10,000 Blocks
  • PoW Target Spacing: 60 Seconds
  • PoW Difficulty Retarget: 10 Blocks
  • PoW Reward per Block: 0 SEQ
  • Full Confirmation: 10 Blocks
  • PoS Algorithm: Blake2b
  • PoS Target Spacing: 64 Seconds
  • PoS Difficulty Retarget: 10 Blocks
  • PoS Reward: 2 SEQ
  • PoS Min: 1 Hour
  • PoS Max: Unlimited
  • Total Coins: 263 – 1
  • Block Size: 4MB


We will be moving to our new Duality-Chat Slack server, also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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