A Stable, Transferable Token of Value


Dynamic (DYN) is only available for 64-bit operating systems.


    Dynamic (DYN) is Duality’s tokenized-currency provided with supply elasticity to ensure price stability for day to day transactions of end-users. Duality uses company proceeds to place buy back orders on the Dynamic (DYN) market to keep inflation within acceptable bounds.

    Dynamic (DYN) lays the groundwork for offering Blockchain as a Service by hosting a multitude of second tier nodes called Dynodes. Rewards can be adjusted through OP_CODES by Duality to adjust to a maturing market. The total theoretical supply, which is the maximum amount of Dynamic (DYN) that can ever be created, is (263 - 1).

    As a modern currency Dynamic (DYN) will be actively maintained to keep up with the latest market trends. Dynamic features fast to instant transactions at an affordable rate.
    End-users that care for consumer privacy are able to anonymously transact using private send.


    Duality facilitates BaaS development and deployment. Unlike private corporations that run services on a costly private chain, Duality distributes the workload and its associated costs to investors by offering privately held Dynodes. Dynodes operators receive 14.6% ROI per annum in return for the efforts.
    Clients and/or third party developers now have the opportunity to use a permissionless network of nodes, on a scalable platform that can be customized for all data needs.


    Block times have a spacing of 128 seconds which means that every new block filled with transactions is able to get pushed within this time period. Block size is 4MB which is four times the size of Bitcoin and will allow for many transactions to be facilitated. InstantSend will prove useful for users requiring instant confirmation by the network.


    Consensus in a decentralized digital currency, like Bitcoin, is achieved by requiring generated blocks to contain a proof that the node which generated the block solved a computational hard task. This is called Proof-of-Work (PoW). Mining profitability is variable to the circumstances of the miner and the market, and cannot be definitely answered.

    Dynamic’s Proof-of-Work (PoW) uses the ‘award winning’ Argon2d algorithm. This system secures the protocol through an efficient, decentralised process called “mining”.

    Backed by the digital asset Sequence (SEQ), the price of Dynamic (DYN) is balanced by an advanced algorithm coded in Duality transferring high price impact and price fluctuations to Sequence (SEQ)

    Dynodes are the 2nd tier of security, processing InstantSend transactions and providing fungibility via PrivateSend.

    Increased anonymised transactions via the use of PrivateSend.

    Secure addresses with multiple signatures.

    Low network prices that allow for day to day transactions at minimal cost.

    Using InstantSend transactions are confirmed the moment they are pushed to the network.

    Watch an address as if it was your own from within your wallet but it cannot be spent from.


    • Coin Suffix: DYN
    • PoW Mining Algorithm: Argon2d
    • PoW Difficulty Algorithm: Digishield V3
    • PoW Period: Unlimited
    • PoW Target Spacing: 128 Seconds
    • PoW Reward per Block: Controlled via Fluid Protocol
    • PoW Reward Start Height: Block 5,137
    • Maturity: 10 Blocks
    • PoW Blocks: ~675 per day
    • Dynode Collateral Amount: 1000 DYN
    • Dynode Min Confirmation: 10 Blocks
    • Dynode Reward: Controlled via Fluid Protocol
    • Dynode Reward Start Height: Block 10,273
    • Total Coins: 263 - 1
    • Min TX Fee: 0.0001 DYN
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