Early Birds Catch The Worm

Early Birds Catch The Worm

Early birds catch the worm.

Proof-of-Work mining rewards switched on successfully, the total network hashing rate has had an increase from 150k to 360k in the first day.On another note. Blocks are created too fast which means that the developers are need to reconfigure the difficulty adjustment algorithm. There have also been reported memory leaks on the Windows build while mining, this will be investigated further, Ubuntu GNOME 16.10 is our OS of choice.

We advise to follow us closely the coming days as client updates are expected. Twitter, Facebook or Slack.


As the blocks are moving in fast this is an excellent opportunity to start mining and get acquainted with the Dynamic chain.

For those who are still awaiting their Silkcoins(SILK) to be swapped to Sequence(SEQ), the swap-transactions will be processed as soon as possible.

More and more people are taking an active interest and want to contribute. They are a big helping hand, they are the cornerstone of a proactive community. For those wanting to contribute get in contact with Orestes on Slack, or by mail.

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