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Dynamic (DYN) is Duality’s tokenized-currency that provides price stability for day to day transactions of end-users. It utilizes the ASIC resistant POW algorithm Argon2D and can be used to run Dynodes in exchange for BaaS functions. 
Proof of Work (Argon2d)246,544 DYN per annum
Requirement*1,000 DYN
Price projection
(Duality will sell at staggered prices)

*Per Dynode

Sequence (SEQ) is Duality’s tokenized-asset that is hedged as collateral against Dynamic (DYN) to ensure market independence through supply control. 
Proof of Stake986,175 SEQ per annum
Current total supply45MM SEQ


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Frequently asked questions


How many Dynamic for a Dynode?

A single Dynode requires exactly 1000 Dynamic.

What algorithm does Dynamic use and why?

Dynamic uses Argon2d, which is specifically designed to be much harder for specialised hardware such as ASICs, as it is memory-hard and scalable.

What's the reward rate for dynodes ?

We try to keep the reward rate above 14.6% per annum. As coins in circulation increases Duality will amend reward rates to keep the ROI in check.

How does Duality plan to stabilize Dynamic?

In order to control Dynamic’s circulating supply countercyclical buyback orders are made with Sequence so that supply levels contract in a declining market. This ensures that market demand eventually surpasses its supply. Dynamic’s price will therefore converge to Duality’s selling price as supply reduces because price is a function of supply and demand.

Can Duality achieve this without a vast amount of reserve?

Buyback purchasing power is granted by historical purchase orders. It can only be issued against a transaction of equal value after which Duality stores received value in Sequence. Sequence market capitalization becomes directly correlated to the increase of Dynamic’s circulatory supply.


What algorithm does Sequence use and why?

Sequence uses Blake2b, which has been adopted by many projects due to its high speed, security, and simplicity. Blake2b is optimized for 64-bit platforms—including NEON-enabled ARMs.

How do I stake sequence?

Leave your wallet online unlocked or unlocked for staking only.

How many coins do I need to stake?

The weight of your wallet will increase your stake potential. Having no Sequence means you will not receive any stake. There is no cap that leads to a maximum amount.

What's the inflation rate of Sequence?

The inflation is deflationary. 

How long until I receive the first stake?

This depends on your stake weight. Take into consideration that there are about 45mm coins in circulation and about 1350 blocks created each day.

Does Sequence have Masternodes?

No, Sequence is a PoS only token.


What are those big DYN sell/buy-walls on Bittrex?

Duality is committed, by placing orders, to guide Dynamic on a stable growth trajectory. Ceilings guard against price spikes and floors against price drops.

What’s the difference between the two coins & why use two?

Dynamic(DYN) and Sequence(SEQ) both represent the value of our token based platform, although they both represent them in different ways. Dynamic(DYN) as a currency token is only given significant room for movement along the supply axis, while Sequence(SEQ) can only travel along the price axis. Together Dynamic(DYN) and Sequence(SEQ) mirror the value of the project as a whole.


Will you focus on other business areas than health care?

Yes, the health care solution allows us to direct specific efforts from which we gain a general solution applicable to many industries.

What’s your affiliation with Syscoin?

We have no direct affiliation with Syscoin other than that we respect their efforts in the cryptocurrency domain.

What do you plan to achieve with the Duality platform?

The Duality platform will act mainly as a hub to control the system's liquidity.

What features does/will the Duality platform offer?

Features will be made available to the public like running client Dynodes, swapping service and in the future pool mining.


Mining Dynamic Guide

Dynamic Wallet
Dynamic Console


Open the console by clicking on the Tools tab, then select “Debug console” In order to start mining type setgenerate true x X being a number representing the amount of participating logical cores (min 1 max -1)

Commands and their functions

  • setgenerate true -1 = Start mining (on all cores)
  • setgenerate true 0 = Stop mining
  • gethashespersec = Shows hashrate of miner
  • getmininginfo = Shows network and wallet information