We offer Dynode-investors the opportunity to participate in a network of nodes that will contribute to future ran BaaS solutions. Investors and entrepreneurs that opt to utilize Dynodes can achieve an annual return on investment of about 14.6%.
Dynamic (DYN) Availability Table
 Dynode PriceDYN PriceOffered AmountCirculating Supply
ICO$250$0.250.7mm<= 0.7mm
Stage Mining$500$0.500.5mm<= 1.2mm
Stage 1$1000$1.000.6mm<= 1.8mm
Stage 2$3500$3.501.2mm<= 3.0mm
Stage 3$7000$7.007.0mm<= 10.0mm
Stage Float$10,618$10.618> 10.0mm

The value of the network will be expressed over two public blockchains. Dynamic (DYN) will act as a tokenized currency to regulate liquidity and Sequence (SEQ) as the tokenized asset to preserve value.

Speculative investors may turn to Sequence (SEQ) as it represents the value of the network in price.

Sequence (SEQ) General Price Projection Table
 DYN PriceDYN SupplyMarket CapSEQ Price @m.cap ParityHistoric SEQ Price
ICO$0.25<= 0.7mm175k$0.00278< $0.010
Stage Mining$0.50<= 1.2mm0.6mm$0.01333< $0.008
Stage 1$1.00<= 1.8mm1.8mm$0.0222± $0.10
Stage 2 (coming soon)$ 3.50<= 3.0mm10.5mm$ 0.23333± $ 0.15
Stage 3$7.00<= 10.0mm70.0mm$ 1.55556N/A
Stage 4$10.618> 10.0mmN/A

Duality Blockchain Solutions aims to maintain market cap parity between Sequence (SEQ) and Dynamic (DYN). With an approximate supply of about 45mm Sequence (SEQ), a general price projection can be made based on Dynamic’s adoption.

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Our Price (DYN)
Dynamic (DYN) Amount