Mine Hard, Fork Harder

Mine Hard, Fork Harder

Mine Hard, Fork Harder

Planned HardFork at 300,000 blocks has been completed successfully, Issues like Dynodes not syncing & Hyper-Inflation caused by low/stuck difficulty have been ironed out with the help of the Delta difficulty retarget algorithm.

At the end of the mining extravaganza around 425,000 DYN have entered the supply in circulation. The mining period lasted for about 6 days. There are 518,400 seconds in 6 days. Given that the block reward was at most 1.382 per block. Then the average speed should have been at least 0,60 Blocks per second; or block time of 1.67 seconds per block. The Dynamic chain broke records as blocks were flying at an incredible rate while keeping its structure.

Now that we have forked to a new wallet we need all who have not yet updated to update to wallet Thanks to Cryptochainer you can make use of a bootstrapped Datadir, in case of sync problems or simply for faster syncing. Withdrawals on the Duality platform have been halted due to server side wallet-maintenance.

Dynode rewards
Dynode rewards are tied to Proof-of-Work(PoW) blocks start at a value of 0.618 DYN per block which amounts to 152,364 DYN annually. Future Dynode return on investment is presented below:


Duality Blockchain Solutions “DBS” will adjust Dynode profitability to uphold investors incentive, our aim is to have a profitable financial offering over a long time period.

152 / NodeCount * 100%
Where 152 = ( 365.25 days /y * 675 blocks /d * 0.618 DYN /b ) / 1,000 DYN Collateral

Current Dynode count:
Total: 426 (PS Compatible: 227 / Enabled: 227 / Qualify: 164)

This means that at the time of writing 426,000 DYN are locked in as collateral. Out of these potential 426 nodes 227 have been correctly enabled. This means that 40% of the Dynamic liquidity is off the market and the current ROI is 67% annually.

Duality-Solutions was invited to partake in a roundtable discussion with PIVX on Coin Interview. Shout out to the guys from PIVX, it was a lot of fun sharing ideas with you!

Duality-Solutions as a community driven company would like to invite those with a passion for crypto to contribute to the project: Slack, Telegram.

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