What is NoID?

Duality’s flagship solution, NoID, is an identification and data management software that provides simple and fast patient enrollment, accurate identification, and secure data management to numerous industries.

NoID’s software and biometric hardware combination help simplify clinical workflows while addressing multiple security and productivity challenges faced by hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

In 2017, the NoID prototype was submitted into the CHIME National Patient ID Challenge and, in collaboration with HarmonIQ Health Systems, won the concept blitz round and finalist innovator award.

Provider Identification and Single Sign-On

Stronger and more efficient authentication, no multiple log-ons, and no central database vulnerable to hacks and data leaks.

Accurate Patient Identification

Provides simple, fast, and secure patient enrollment and identification with near 100% accuracy.

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Electronic Health Information Exchange

Allows the patient to fully own and control who has access to their profile data.

Personal Health Record Integration

Integrates with leading electronic health record systems, eliminating the need for expensive master patient indexes.

NoID Enrollment

NoID uses hashed demographics and biometrics to accurately enroll patients. At the heart of the enrollment process, the NoID profile is constructed using standard HL7 FHIR resources. Hashing is used to anonymize patient information in the NoID profile. NoID is intuitive, integrating fingerprints and facial recognition combined with demographic data.

NoID Identification

NoID quickly and securely identifies enrolled patients with a high level of accuracy. The patient simply scans their finger and/or face, and after this biometric scan completes, NoID constructs and sends a secure HL7 FHIR message to a NoID hub where identification takes place.


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