What is pShare?

pShare is a privacy oriented p2p (peer to peer), file-and-folder sharing application, allowing creation of public and private groups to manage your links and file sharing.

With pShare it is easy to share data with friends, family and business associates securely, without centralized administrators and prying eyes monitoring your activity.



HIPAA compliant, secure data sharing and VoIP portal between patients, providers and insurance.


FERPA compliant, secure file sharing and VoIP between students, facility and parents.


Private data sharing and VoIP between attorney and clients, without storing confidential information on a third party service.

Professional Services

Doesn’t put personal identifiable information at risk when file sharing and communicating via VoIP between consultants and clients.

Retail & Customer Service

Establishes private data sharing and VoIP connection between sales teams and customers.

Real Estate

Set up a seamless network between agents, buyers and sellers to transfer private documents and communicate via VoIP.


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