What is pSign?

pSign provides asynchronous ‘digital signing’ which completes within a matter of minutes, alongside a workflow management suite bundled with document templates, libraries, and support for full automation.

Infrastructure expenditure for professionals, as well as costs associated with the current workflow and digital signing, would be decreased exponentially or removed entirely.

pSign will bring evolution to digital signing security and workflow management, set to revolutionize industry standards for years to come.



Legal documents signed and verified in minutes, faster workflow management, lower cost.

Real Estate

Real estate agents can have multiple signed contracts between banks, sellers and buyers in a fast, secure and cost effective way.


Numerous financial documents signed and streamlined through a fast, painless process.


Blueprints, permits and contracts signed and executed fast and easy to speed up the building process.

Professional Services

Credentialing and identity services for remote professional services


School documents can be signed with students as well as other pertinent agreements signed in minutes./p>


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