Rumour has it… we’ve switched to v1.3.0.0

Rumour has it… we’ve switched to v1.3.0.0

Rumour has it… we’ve switched to v1.3.0.0

Mandatory update to Dynamic v1.3.0.0 BEFORE block 300,000!:

  • c++11:Backport from bitcoin-core: don’t throw from the reverselock destructor InitError instead of throw on failure
  • Hard Fork at block 300,000 for Delta difficulty retarget algorithm

Last friday night block rewards had set in. A faltering difficulty adjustment was not observed in testing due to lacking hashing power on testnet, an unfortunate blind spot. As a result we will now have a period of increased mining rewards, and can last for a week give or take a few days. We have noticed that miners profitability among users have gone word of mouth, a nice positive consequence.


We will embrace this notion as everyone is welcome to join us on our slack channel to commune with each other. A hard fork will set in on block height 300,000 to scale back blocktimes to their intended rates. For this a dynamic-qt v1.3.0.0 has been released, and update is mandatory!

In this period of increased mining rewards an additional 400,000 DYN will have been produced.These tokens will have been distributed over the early mining crowd. In comparison roughly 625,000 DYN have been distributed by means of ICO. A 40/60 ratio against total supply, something we could have only hoped for.

The increased mining will have an effect on the price as supply increases. To combat the added liquidity we have decided to upscale the Dynode payments from 0.382 to 0.618 DYN per block. We believe this will increase investor’s incentive and help drain the market of excess liquidity.

For those interested in operating a Dynode this means that annual ROI will converge to:

152 / NodeCount * 100%
Where 152 = ( 365.25 days /y * 675 blocks /d * 0.618 DYN /b ) / 1,000 DYN Collateral

Until the hard fork dynode operators might experience difficulties enabling their nodes due to the speed at which blocks are generated. Update to Dynamic v1.3.0.0!

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