Saturday Night LIVE!

Saturday Night LIVE!

Saturday Night LIVE

Dynamic code was released on the 7th of March, the switch to a non-zero PoW/Dynode reward failed. The zero reward structure was put in place for a period of time to ensure fairness to our mining community. After the blocks had passed a height of 20,546 the chain got stuck.

The problem of this ‘false start’ has been investigated and resolved. Currently the developers are running the following steps to bring the Dynamic chain to market ASAP:

  1. Start Dynamic-chain.
  2. Setup seeders and explorer.
  3. Generate Duality(Weaver) Dynamic addresses for users.
  4. ICO funds are credited to user accounts on Duality.
  5. Setup initial Dynode network.
  6. Release binaries and open Duality, public release of Dynamic-chain.
  7. Bittrex gets notified.

Dynamic will have a 20,546 block delay in PoW/Dynode block reward.

What this means for those who had already withdrawn their DYN:

As we are restarting the chain, the old chain is written off as a ‘test-chain’, as there hasn’t been any market activity yet we are able to resend brand new tokens. New DYN will be issued to your Duality account as per point 4. on above list.

Before withdrawing new Dynamic tokens from Duality please remove all client and data files from your hard drive. Download the latest client release of Dynamic from our github repository once they are available as per point 6. Make sure your newly created DYN are withdrawn to your newly generated Dynamic address.

If there are any questions or uncertainties feel free to contact us at Duality-Slack, also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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