A Hedge Against Inflation, Deflation or Token Devaluation


Supported operating systems:
OSX 10.7+

Supported operating systems:
Windows 7/8/10

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Sequence (SEQ) is Duality’s tokenized-asset that provides collateral value for Dynamic (DYN) and ensures market independence through supply control. Given its collateral role within the ecosystem, Sequence allows for a new cooperative style of banking to emerge between Dynamic (DYN) and Sequence (SEQ) holders.

Sequence (SEQ) has static Proof-of-Stake (PoS) rewards therefore the growth model is disinflationary. Given the current circulatory supply of 45 million Sequence (SEQ) and a yearly increase of ±1 million Sequence (SEQ) , the current ROI is projected at about 2.2% and is disinflationary.

Sequence (SEQ) may be used to increase redundancy in information, a supporting role to Dynamic (DYN) in offering BaaS. The main function of Sequence (SEQ) is for it to be used as a collateral asset to preserve independence of value to Duality and the Dynamic chain.


Block times have a spacing of 64 seconds, meaning that every every new block filled with transactions is able to get pushed within this time period. Block size is 4MB, 4 times the size of Bitcoin this will allow for many transactions to be facilitated.


Proof-of-Stake (PoS) aims to replace the way of achieving consensus in a distributed system. Instead of solving with Proof-of-Work (PoW), the node which generates a block has to provide proof that is has access to a certain amount of coins before being accepted by the network. Generating a block involves sending coins to oneself, which probes the ownership.

Sequence will feature Proof-of-Stake to keep the network alive and secure. Stake-rewards are given as interest to combat coin-corruption, negligible inflation, and to maintain a healthy supply..

Sequence is used as a form of collateral to preserve value. The collateral serves as price protection for the currency and stabilises its price.

Allows an address to be stored in the wallet without the corresponding private key, allowing the wallet to watch for outputs but not spend them.

Keep your funds secure using multiple signature addresses, with up to 20 signees.


  • Coin Suffix: SEQ
  • PoW Algorithm: Scrypt
  • PoW Period: 10,000 Blocks
  • PoW Target Spacing: 60 Seconds
  • PoW Difficulty Retarget: 10 Blocks
  • PoW Reward per Block: 0 SEQ
  • Full Confirmation: 10 Blocks
  • PoS Algorithm: Blake2b
  • PoS Target Spacing: 64 Seconds
  • PoS Difficulty Retarget: 10 Blocks
  • PoS Reward: 2 SEQ
  • PoS Min: 1 Hour
  • PoS Max: Unlimited
  • Total Coins: 263 - 1
  • Block Size: 4MB
  • Min TX Fee: 0.001 SEQ