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To provide an enterprise backed digital currency that can act as money, and secures consumer purchasing power while being of service to society.



Duality Blockchain Solutions contributes towards society by offering blockchain as a service (BaaS). The token byproducts flow into the community market as financial instruments, enterprise backing provides a monetary solution on a fundamental level. In usage, Dynamic will be as financially secure as legal tender with Sequence acting as the collateral to preserve value as an appreciating asset.



Duality Blockchain Solutions evaluates ways to accommodating emerging markets with BaaS services, developes new ways of managing financial instruments with blockchain technology, while safeguarding fundamental principles of economics.



The Core Platforms of Duality Blockchain Solutions



The Core Team of Duality Blockchain Solutions

Spencer Lievens


Amir Abrams


Clayton Saliba


Mark Sanders

Business Strategist & Spokesman


Matthew Langdon

Duality Administrator/Developer

Michael Harkess

Web Developer

Ahmad Kazi

Blockchain Developer

Dennis Yourchisin

Hosting/System Analyst


Sven Kercher

Quality Engineer

Bernhard Altaner

Governance & Compliance

Christopher Driesbach

Customer Support

Romeo Demurashvili

Social Media / Marketing

Shams Hassan

Financial Administrator


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